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interactive apollo  mission

interactive apollo mission

This is a fantastic scientific based site which can be enjoyed by young and old alike. The older ones amongst us can look back and remember those intrepid astronaughts and the first moon landing, whilst the youngsters can live the excitment of being the “spaceman” they have dreamed of being since the age of 5.

The site has a fantastic catalogue of photographs, audio clips, and video footage from the mission to the moon. From take off to landing, to the return and splash down you can relive every hour of the mission. select different clips to hear and view, photos from all sorts of angles. A fantastic resource for teachers, but a thrilling site for anyone with an interest in the space race.

At the end of the mission you can finish up with a certificate which you can complete and print off.

“Huston the eagle has landed” click on the link to start your mission.

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  • ktenkely

    This is a very cool way for students to experience history. I used this site last year with my students and they asked more questions, dug deeper, and explored more than they had when learning about the mission in previous years. Very neat!

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