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January 23, 2010 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

build your own super hero

build your own super hero

creating Super heroes has been something I enjoyed as a kid drawing, sketching, superman, Batman and my own creations was a great way of passing afternoons as I visited my great Aunt Ginny. I would sit by the fire for hours creating costumes, body postures, and muscular features.
Time has pasted but boys still love to create these superheroes of their imagination, this site I saw suggested by @tombarrett on twitter simply brings it into the 21st century.

you can build your own super hero, male or female, from hair , eyes and even ears, to head gear , clothing, accessories and even companion. Top the whole thing off with a suitable name and then print or share yours with others.
I really enjoyed making my 1 million $ man, (there is a credit crunch you know!)
But as with the previous site this can be enjoyed by people of all ages.My son enjoyed creating pluto man, whilst pupils at my school came up with all sorts of ideas.
so have a go for yourself……you will love it.



  • Todd Wandio

    My son and I discovered the Superhero creator a few years ago. I use it now for students who don’t draw very well, and need to create a character for a story, particularly a hero. They come up with some pretty whacky stuff these days, little fairy wings on a big burly guy, that sort of thing. Thanks for the post, brings back some fond memories.

  • ktenkely

    I have been waiting to share this one with my students… I have a feeling once they know it exists, they won’t want to do anything else!

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