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February 19, 2010 · 3 Comments · Uncategorized

This week I would like to mention 2 sites which i love. I do not yet fully utilise them but have found that when i do use them in school my kids love them.

The first site is :   which allows you to produce very professional slide shows. You can use a variety of pictures from their own Gallery but find it is much better when uploading your own. The site also allows you to add backing music, whilst the site organises the pictures and text into a really great slide show with intesting backgrounds and slide transitions. For a 30 second film/ animation the use is free but there is a fee for longer animations. I find it is a great way to generate discaussion around a new topic or concept.  great as a starter or plenary. If you have the technology kids love making their own too.


a great way to produce a proffesional slide show.

a great way to produce a proffesional slide show.


well Animoto covers the pictures but the words relates to a site called Voice thread. 

This site is totally free for educators and allows you ar you class to record a voice or combination of voices. the site also allows you to upload a picture around which the discussion can be based. we have used it for a talk on salvery and also a science lesson based on Energy. The site is simple to use and the kids love recording and hearing their own views.

when the voice thread is completed the finished product can be e-mailed to others so they can listen to the recording and i believe even add their own comments.


a great way to share pupils views

a great way to share pupils views


  • Todd Wandio

    I love web2.0 stuff. I find it a bit overwhelming in terms of introducing the sheer volume of apps available for student work. Thanks for sharing some applications and HOW you use them in your classroom.

  • ktenkely

    Both are fantastic. I find that I tend to use Voice Thread more because of it’s collaborative abilities. The kids love creating and showing what they know with these tools!

  • Melissa

    I am also a big fan of both of these great tools!

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