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off to visit Pompei

March 31, 2010 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

In a recent post i loooked at google maps and a number of virtual tours. In school i have one follower who expressed an interest in the topic and wanted to know more.
One topic at school i dont teach but love to read about is history particularly Roman history, as a student i worked for 4 summers excavating a Roman Villa and its surroundings. Now i love reading novels by Simon scarrow about roman times.

back to the real post. this is a virtual tour of pompei in Italy , a roman city preserved by the ash of the errupting volcano vesuvius. Having visited pompei for real the place is amazing but just viewing the site really allows kids to see what life was like in a roman city.

take a look for yourself.

visit the ancient city

visit the ancient city

if you enjoy this you may also want to visit this site which gives informtion on a 3D vido tour of ancient Rome. ( many thanks to Angela Meirs for here original post)

click on the link to find out more.

visit ancient rome

visit ancient rome

Happy travelling.


  • ktenkely

    Aren’t you amazed that you can travel around the world and even back in time virtually? SO much better than seeing a single tiny picture in a textbook! Kids are so lucky!

  • Nicholas Provenzano

    As budgets shrink, trips like this are easy and can be as fun as a teacher wants them to be. Dress up the classroom, bring in themed foods for class and a bunch of different ideas can make the experience very fun for the students. Great share.

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